Book submission: The Poems and Letters of Bernard Barton

Title: The Poems and Letters of Bernard Barton
Author: Barton, Bernard
Publication date: London, 1850
Library: Ohio University’s Alden Library
Call number: 4079
Submitted by: Alicia Carter
Searching through the stacks of Alden’s 7th floor, I was shocked to find this unique book. The cover is quite simple and in remarkably good shape for its age. Upon opening the book the inside of the cover is inscribed with the name Le Grice; the ink is beginning to bleed but the signature remains intact. The previous owner inserted a page on the end paper from another volume, the inserted page is titled “A Sonnet, Tributary to the Poet Bernard Barton.” The owner has also written commentary on the top of the inserted page, “For long reference to Bernard Barton Lee Lamb’s Letters.” Throughout the novel there is indicators of close reading, including underlining, check marks, and exclamation points. On page 33 there was a unique inscription, “Aged 64. A.D. 1849.” This inscription indicates that the reader has also read other materials on the author and wanted to note the authors age at that specific time in the memoir.

Book submission: Markof

Title: Markof
Author: Greville, Henry
Publication date: 306 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, 1900
Library: Ohio University Alden Library
Call number: 9080121
Submitted by: Mason Love
This book is filled with a bunch of readers signatures. I found them throughout the whole book, but mainly on the title page! I was surprised to find this book in such good condition for being over a hundred years old! The earliest signature from a reader that I found was from 1930. I hope this brings you as much joy as it did me.