April 16, 2018: University of Iowa talk and event.
March 30, 2018: University of Nebraska talk and event, with a wonderful news story here, another one here and an NPR story on the event here.
September 11, 2017: talk and event at University of Louisville
June 22, 2017: talk at UNC-Chapel Hill (British Women Writer’s Conference)
April 6-7, 2017: talk and event at Holy Cross, with a news story here.
March 9, 2017: talk at Stevenson University, with student reactions here
January 26, 2017: talk at University of Montreal Digital Humanities Colloquium
November 18, 2016: event at Arizona State University, led by Devoney Looser
November 10-11, 2016: talk and event at the University of South Carolina
October 26, 2016: talk and event at Millsaps College
February 4-5, 2016: talk and event the the University of Nevada-Las Vegas; more here.
January 14, 2016: talk and event at University of Victoria, with a report on the event here.
September 24, 2015: Book Traces day at University of Miami, with a report on the event here.
May 14, 2015: talk at Books and/as New Media event, Harvard University
May 5, 2015: talk at New York University
April 2, 2015: talk at Harvard University Library (with Robert Darnton and Roger Chartier)
March 25, 2015: talk in the Advanced Research Collaborative, CUNY Graduate Center, reviewed by Timothy Griffiths here
February 4 2015: talk in the Victorian Seminar, CUNY Graduate Center
February 3, 2015: talk in the 18th-and19th Century Colloquium at the University of Georgia
November 21, 2014: talk in the Textual Studies Program, University of Washington
October 28, 2014: talk in the Book History Colloquium at Columbia University, reviewed by Roger Schonfeld here
October 27, 2014 : talk and event at Lehigh University, reviewed by Annie Johnson here
October 8, 2014: event at Butler Library, Columbia University, reviewed by Tara Kron here